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Angels, Fairies large and small as well as little Big Goddesses!!!

Our room and aura sprays have proved extremely popular and effective. The range includes Connection Sprays for Archangels and Goddesses, and contain all the correct oils, colours, and occasional organic matter which corresponds to and creates the vibrational frequency of each Archangel or Goddess. Use these to improve your own vibrations, as well as those in your home or office. Spray them for healing, harmony, prosperity, positivity, protection, love ... and in whichever way they can he

Relax and enjoy your sleep with lovely dreamcatchers in all shapes and sizes. Hang dreamcatchers in your children's rooms to protect them from astral forces during the hours of sleep when their auras are wide open and defenceless. Or just because they're so pretty and bring in a good energy!

Beautiful Native American dolls with traditional dress, paintings, greeting cards with native American designs, and Apache mask. We also offer Animal Spirit Guide workshops.

Also see other items for your altar under specific headings such as cloths and boxes, incense, candles, ash catchers, etc.

Dragon products such as ash catchers, statues, incense, cards ... and more to come soon!!!

We have a variety of boxes, bags, and cloths to keep your crystals, cards, and divination tools clean and in a sacred and protected space. Also altar cloths in various sizes. We can also custom-make to your specifications.

A small but exquisite collection of journals and spell books to record your private moments and activities.

A huge selection of greeting cards coming up large and small.

Ahighly recommended book section including the best authors in their respective fields such as · Magick · Self-help · Astrology · Crystals · Psychology · Healing · Wicca · Spells · Dreams · Enneagrams · Palmistry · I-Ching · Angels · Gnostic In an effort to make books available to all, there is a small but �get-lucky� pre-read section.We sell both new and

Ourresonance oils have been made with only the finest essential oils and ingredients on the vibrational level of each intended purpose. They include instructions for ritual use, and have been proven by many clients to be highly effective.

Choose fromvariety of shapes, from plain wooden incense holders to carved wooden boxes and the more ornate holders featuring Lord Ganesha, meditating Buddha, laughing Buddha, dragons and more. NOTE: Click on tabs to view images

Buddha statues for everyone! Buddha eyes

Our pendulums have all been tested and approvedfor their excellent scrying quality. They are available in crystal, bone, wood and metal. We also have a workshop planned in the near future for working wih pendulums. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

A large and wide variety of pendants is available, ranging from silver and semi-precious stones, to pewter and brass. From chakra pendants, to crosses, pentagrams, voodoo charms, celtic designs, etc. The variety is endless. Browse the list and see for yourself!

An inexpensiveselection of colourful ceramic, pewter and stainless steel pendants. More to be added soon ...

A profusion of stones, crystals, beadwork, and silver ...

Bracelets in sterling silver, crystals, brass etc. More to be added soon ...

If its stunning silver rings you want, you're at the right place! Check out this assortment!

Classy and sophisticated fashion rings

A very wide variety of Stainless Steel rings available. Pick your design and order online.

Ankh and Pentacle rings available in pewter

Sterling silver earringsin celtic knotwork, blue topaz, and diamante with amethysts.

Genuine tree/plant resins from around the world. As you burn these, the outershell softens and bursts open, releasing the aromatic oil contained inside. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly.

An assortment of herbs is available forincreased spirituality, purification, protection, luck, attracting moneyand almost any other purpose. Others can be obtained by request.

Mirrors, crosses, tiles, figurines, and other items to enhance your environment with a sense of peace and harmony.

Some things simply cannot be broken apart. They're just perfect as they are, and make magnificent jewellery sets.

Neckpieces, armbands, earrings and all sorts of quality beaded jewellery available at very reasonable prices.

Hindu deity pictures and figurines, incenses, Om symbols, henna powder and stamps, etc. We also do Henna tattoos in summer. (Also see CERAMIC AND OTHER PENDANTS for Deity pendants).

A large variety of candle holders and candlesticks, large and small, simple and ornate, in all shapes and sizes. Open this tab to take a look ...

Nepenthe by Strangeling
Absolutely divine scented tin candle. Imported fro m Raven Images....

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