About Us


My name is Elvira and I�m known as a Tarot Reader and teacher, psychic medium and chaneller, student and teacher of High Magick, a Shaman and a creative energy healer.

As far as my Tarot readings are concerned, my clients include high profile persons in government, CEO�s of international companies, decision-makers in business, and mostly just ordinary people like you and me. People who have important and sometimes difficult decisions to make, and those who need  help with finding direction on their current life path.

If you need clarity on where you currently are in life, or confirmation of your innermost promptings and feelings, contact me for a reading.  I do readings in person or telephonically.

The Tarot has spoken to me since I first consulted it, over 35 years ago, and it always brings Truth.

I get constant feedback from clients telling me of the high level of accuracy my consultations attain.

Confidentiality is respected at all times.

Call me on:  0829581446


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