3-strand dark brown necklace with elephants. Very African flavour, as well as being symbolic of  Ganesh,  who is said to remove obstancles out of our path.  (See also Incense -> Lord Ganesha).  Lenth of necklace: 47cm.

Lovely to hold and wear!  Chunky necklace / choker of synthetic amber and wooden discs separed by metal beads, in true African style.  Length: 46cm.  Code: CH/TA/58/17

Ebony in graded sections with sun streaked add-ons make this an elegantly African choker.  The dark wood is highly protective , while the enhancements add a warm comfortable feeling.  Length: approx. 50cm. Code: CH/TA/01/27

The cedntrepiece of this choker is reminiscent of the solar disc worn on Egyptian headpieces.   Its combi with amber and wooden discs create a piece of jewellery with an African and mystical feel . Length: 50cm.  Code: CH/TA/67/10

Smoothly sanded and polished hardwood spears strung together to form this stunning traditional bracelet. Wood is closely connected with elemental earth, and assists the wearer with all things related to physicality and the material world.   Fits

Smoothly rounded wood and bone with natural markings, and gorgeous colourings of nature, this earthy bracelet carries the rhythms of Africa and promotes solid groundedness.  Fits all sizes.  Code: CH/TA47/13B
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